DCL is a global leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of advanced emission control systems for stationary and mobile internal combustion engines. DCL’s product offering includes catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, engineered silencers, diesel particulate filters, replacement catalyst elements, as well as heat recovery and siloxane cleanup solutions, all of which are internationally recognized as the industry standard for quality and reliability.

DCL Stationary Products

DCL offers a wide variety of emission control catalysts for stationary engines and turbines used for power generation, co-generation, fluid pumping and gas compression applications. Stationary products include catalytic converters, catalytic silencers, diesel particulate filters, SCR systems and heat exchanger catalyst systems.

DCL’s Metalcor® catalyst elements are available for all DCL stationary housings, DCL elements can also be used as replacement elements with other manufacturer’s housings.

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Granite Fuel Engineering

GraniteFuel develops, designs, manufactures and integrates biogas conditioning systems for various applications such as reciprocating engines, turbines, CNG, and injection into gas utility networks.

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